MBBS Abroad for Indian Students – Top Countries, Cost, and Eligibility

The Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree, or simply the MBBS degree is one of the prestigious degrees in the world. In India, people consider the degree and those who graduate out of it equal to God as they save hundreds of lives daily.

Why MBBS in Abroad?

To study this course, there are numerous colleges in India as well as abroad. Students prefer to pursue MBBS abroad over MBBS in India. This is because pursuing MBBS in India is very costly. And this is why many Indian Students prefer MBBS Admission in Abroad.

Top Countries to Pursue MBBS:

Some of the top countries to pursue MBBS, the cost and eligibility criteria are discussed below.

#1. China

It is quite obvious that China is the first choice for any Indian Student to pursue his or her MBBS degree. This is due to the fact that the universities in China have well defined state-of-the-art infrastructure, top-class doctors, A-Grade training facilities, laboratories, and accommodation facilities.

Universities in China:

Some of the top universities in China include

  • Nanjing Medical University (Yearly Fees – Rs. 4,30,000; Total Course Fees – Rs. 21,50,000 for approx. 6 years; Eligibility Criteria – NEET Qualification, 75% in PCBE in Class 12th)
  • Xiamen University (Yearly Fees – Rs. 4,35,000; Eligibility Criteria – NEET Qualification, 70% in PCBE in Class 12th)
  • Zhengzhou University (Yearly Fees – Rs. 4,30,000 including hostel accommodation; Eligibility Criteria – NEET Qualification, 70% in PCBE in Class 12th)

#2. Philippines

Phillippines is the best choice for an Indian Student to pursue MBBS at a very low cost. Universities at Phillippines follow the American Standards of Teaching and hence, communication skills will increase automatically during the course period.

Universities in Phillippines:

Some of the top universities in Phillippines include,

  • The University of Perpetual Help (Yearly Fees – Rs. 5,20,000; Total Fees – Rs. 20,15,000; Eligibility Criteria – 50% in PCBE in Class 12th)
  • AMA School of Medicine (Yearly Fees – Rs. 3,31,250; Total Fees – Rs. 12,37,500; Eligibility Criteria – Successful completion of 12th Standard, 50% in PCBE for General Candidates and 40% for SC, ST, and OBC Candidates)

#3. Ukraine

The next choice of country Indian Students prefers to pursue MBBS is in Ukraine. Ukraine offers top-quality education at very low cost for MBBS aspirants making it the most affordable destination for Indian Students. Also, colleges in Ukraine have a teacher-student ratio of 1:10 and hence students can get personalized training and can learn better.

Universities in Ukraine:

Some of the notable universities, colleges found in Ukraine include,

  • Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University (Tuition Fees – Rs. 16,80,000; Eligibility Criteria – 55% in PCB, 50% in PCB as a risk factor, NEET Qualification compulsory)
  • Kharkiv National Medical University (Tuition Fees – Rs. 4,20,000 per year; Eligibility criteria – 50% in PCB, NEET Qualification Compulsory)

#4. USA

The USA is the first country that comes into the minds of Indian students when it comes to studying abroad. This is because the USA has made a lot of improvements on the tech side as well as teaching standards.

Universities in the USA:

Some of the top Universities in the USA include,

  • The American University of Barbados (Total Fees – 1,33,500 USD; Eligibility Criteria – 60% in PCB, NEET Qualification compulsory)
  • Central America Health Sciences University (Total Fees – 50,000 USD; Eligibility Criteria – 60% in PCB, NEET Qualification compulsory)


These are some of the top MBBS colleges in Abroad to pursue your MBBS degree. Although it has its perks yet, there are some added disadvantages too. First of all, it is difficult to adapt to the country where you’re pursuing your MBBS degree. Second, even though Universities teach you the course in English, it is difficult to converse with common people around the area beside the university grounds.

Hence, choose your college wisely and pursue your MBBS degree with utmost dedication as you will be given the ultimate task of saving thousands of lives daily when you complete your degree.

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