It is a dream of many students to study MBBS in USA. The system of medical study in the United States of America is totally different, difficult and competitive. Indian students after their 10+2 are not eligible for MBBS in USA. Minimum qualification required is BSC degree and then a student has to appear for MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) and is then eligible to apply for admission. Only private Medical Colleges in USA and fees is approx. US$ 50,000/- (Rs. 32 lacs) very year.

MBBS in US after 12th A lot of aspiring students carry a desire to pursue MBBA in USA after 12th, many fail to get proper information to seek admission in the most competitive course, in the competing country.

In fact, MBBS in UK after 12 is not as same as the medical study offered in US. It has a lot of difference. European countries offer the medical studies for international students, more or less with similar patterns. In addition, countries like China, Philippines, Georgia and Russia also offer similar system of MBBS. Yet, to study MBBS in USA is a different scenario. So, even when students have the passion to study medical in the United States fail due to lack of information. How to study MBBS in USA is the major question that lingers in the mind of aspiring students.

Advantage of MBBS in US for Indian Students The United States of America is a Federal Republic, which has federal districts and federal states. Generally, Indian students prefer a few study abroad destinations to pursue medical studies. Equivalent to UK, to study medicine in USA for Indian students is a dream.

The major advantage of studying MBBS in the United States is, it is internationally recognized medical degree. Unlike other MBBS programs which call for additional screening exam by MCI to practice in India, there is no need for screening examinations. In fact, Medical Council of India does not ask the students who studied MBBS in US to take any qualifying examination to practice medicine in India. You can instantly register in Indian Medical Council and start practicing medicine without any test or screening.

Top Medical Colleges in USA to Study Medicine The Johns Hopkins Hospital Harvard Medical School University of California San Francisco Baylor college of Medicine Stanford University School of Medicine Perelman School of Medicine New York University School of Medicine Boston University School of Medicine Washington University School of Medicine Entry Requirements to Study MBBS in USA

Basic eligibility criteria to apply for MBBS study is securing at least 60% marks in the higher secondary examination, in 10+2 pattern from any board of education, in subjects Biology, Physics and Chemistry. Minimum age of applicant should be 17 years and should hold a valid passport

To get direct admission in the MBBS course in USA, students have two options.

MCAT They have to study the premedical course, which involves Bachelor of Science program. Studying this course is mandatory before attempting to study any medical in any medical schools or colleges in USA. This system of medical education in USA is defined by USMLE, United States Medical Licensing Examination. Every year, medical colleges in the USA receive huge number of applications, from international students. MCAT – Medical College Admission Test marks the basic entrance exam to screen the application of MBBS, which fetches admission in the top medical colleges.USA has more than 350 medical universities. MCAT exam is conducted, monitored and the results are published by the AAMC, Association of American Medical Colleges. However, just like any medical entrance exam, qualifying in MCAT is very difficult. All local students with the desire to take medical in USA, across 50 districts and states take part MCAT to seek admission in the top medical schools. Securing high score in MCAT is the dream of every American who takes part in the exam. Other students / Indian students can take part in this MCAT entrance exam after completing the pre-medical program. Although it secures admission in top colleges, it is very difficult and even expensive way to pursue this degree.

Alternative way to get admission in MBBS in USA Just like any country, medical aspirants from the local populations are provided admission based on their rank in the MCAT exam in the top medical schools in USA. Just like the exorbitant cost of private medical schools in India, it is equally higher in the United States in the private medical colleges. So, Indian students choose to study MBBS abroad at low cost in US, in the Caribbean Islands, which has become popular route. Universities in the Caribbean Islands provide education to the students for the first 4 trimesters, till USMLE 1 Exam. The remaining duration of the course is taught at USA medical colleges. After completion of the USMLE 1 exam, students can apply to study MBBS in US along with scholarships.

Study MBBS Abroad at Low Cost Most of these universities are funded generously by the Federal Government. Eventually, cost of studying MBBS is very low. Even of the bachelor MD programs, it is very affordable, not as exorbitant as European countries. Since MBBS admission is not easy in India, students opt to study MBBS in other countries, which is available at a very low cost. Tuition fees generally vary with every medical college, location of the college, nationality of the student and type of the program offered by the students. International students including Indian national pay approximately $45000 towards tuition fees, $5000 for health insurance and services, $15000 for food and hostel, $7000 towards transportation and other expenses. On an average basis, students spend about $300,000 to complete the four year medical degree in USA. While the cost of education may appear higher, it is relatively lower compared with quality of teaching and infrastructure offered by the top medical colleges.

Study MBBS in USA with Scholarship Special scholarship programs are provided to all international students. Students with high score in USMLE course can easily avail scholarships to support their finance. Every year, 1000 students from foreign countries are provided with scholarships. The total amount allocated to scholarship is 2 million US dollars.

Benefits of doing MBBS in US Easily employable in USA / India Supports doing PG in medicine in USA / India Doctors in USA immediately after completion of course earns a minimum of $200,000 per year No restrictions on practice in India Students can easily start earning in USA if they continue to pursue MD. You can easily earn whatever you spent for MBBS in USA during the course of MD.