Basic Qualities of a Medical Institue in Abroad – An Introduction

Nowadays, students prefer studying MBBS in Abroad. In fact, every Indian student is rushing up to get their MBBS Admission in Abroad. This is due to the fact that Indian Students cannot afford to study MBBS in India because it is very costly and many students cannot afford that much money.

The specialty of studying MBBS in Abroad

Some of the important specialties for studying MBBS in Abroad include,

  • Less cost of admission
  • Eligibility criteria are less
  • Almost every university abroad teach students in English
  • Extremely good accommodation facilities
  • Best-in-class faculty
  • Less theory, more fieldwork

And many more…

Basic Qualities of Medical Institute in Abroad

As the specialties say, there are certain qualities that any Medical Institute in Abroad must-have. Some of the basic qualities include,

  • Teaching Students in English

One of the basic qualities of any Medical Institute in Abroad is to teach their students in English. This has become a top priority for many Indian Students as most of them prefer studying in English rather than any other language. This is because when taught in English, students can understand the teachings of those lecturers. Also, this helps the students to increase their communication skills too.

  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure

The basic quality of any Medical Institute in Abroad is its infrastructure. Most of the universities abroad have well defined state-of-the-art infrastructure. Some have a centuries-old infrastructure. Students prefer those colleges which have a well-defined infrastructure. Also, this would help them in their future placements or such.

  • Accommodation

The medical institutes abroad must have proper accommodation to accommodate the students. This is one of the basic qualities not only for any medical institute but a very basic necessity for any human being. Almost every medical institutes abroad have air-conditioned accommodations that come under the college fee or separate pay. Whatever be it may, the accommodation facilities must be top class for students who are studying MBBS abroad.

  • Cost

One of the most important factors for studying MBBS abroad is the cost of studying there. Indian Students prefer studying abroad because the tuition fee is very much less. For example, in Phillippines, the cost of studying MBBS is 17 lakhs in Indian Rupees whereas it is 70 lakhs in India to study the same course. Most of the countries have less tuition fee when compared to India.


These are some of the important factors when it comes to the basic qualities of studying MBBS in Top Colleges Abroad. Also, there are other qualities like food facilities, cost of living, working VISA, etc. that come into play when studying MBBS abroad. All these factors are secondary and can be met if all primary factors that are discussed above can be satisfied for any Indian student who wishes to study MBBS abroad.

To conclude, getting MBBS admission in abroad is one of the challenging tasks of any Indian Student as the seats get filled swiftly. But if the students meet the eligibility criteria specified for each university, then they can get their dream college and pursue their MBBS degree, come out as A-Grade Doctors and serve for the good of the people.

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